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Before any resources are added to your msp account you must first VERIFY that your are not a bot, this is to prevent user's from linking this generator to automated tools.

After successful offer completion, either Diamonds, Starcoins or VIP will be addded to your account depending on your selection, this usually takes a couple of minutes.


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    Introduction of Moviestarplanet Cheats

    The most reliable application to give you unlimited Diamonds, Starcoins and VIP status. Use it to generate as many resources as you wish, we simply ask you do not link bots or softwares to this tool. Just follow the steps outlined to get your desired amount of resources, this tool is compatible on all operating systems which include IOS, Android and Windows.

    How Does it Work? Why Are Cheats Required?

    Before we begin let’s describe the base aspects of the game.

    Staring with starcoins, there are the primary currency in Moviestarplanet. Every user gets around 10 coins after watching a in game movie. The person who put the movie together will get more, amounts are dependent on there level. Petting a animal will net you somewhere between one to five coins. This amount is dependent on the condition of the pet. Lastly, if a player wins in a competition they will earn coins, diamonds and VIP. There are other methods to earn starcoins such as spinning the Wheel of Fortune, but we wont go into this as its long a boring.

    Another important currency in the game thing is diamonds and gems. A resources that is used in the Diamond Shop found in the Shopping tab and can be used to buy exclusive items, animations and clothing. You can usually only get diamonds by winning contests or buying VIP status.

    Lastly there is VIP status, people who want to unlock all of the additional in game features and options need to buy this. VIP packages usually add more diamonds, starcoins and also unlock plenty of features that are not usually available when playing in free mode.

    There are many players who cannot afford to buy vip status, starcoins and diamonds and this is why we developed our tool, to help those who dont have the time and money to advance faster in the game.

    You can use our tool to level up faster and have the currency to experience the game in full.


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    James Cartright

    Does it take long before diamonds and starcoins are added to your account?

    Carla Harris

    It only took me a couple of minutes

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    Neil Pitt

    Great tool, will be using this regularly

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    Tara Black

    Thanks for sharing such a amazing tool.

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