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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Have you noticed lately how our lives are becoming more and more passive and sedentary, almost completely undeterred by the fact the world around us is getting ever so fast and frenzied? It’s a reality we’re as baffled with as you are. The lives most of us lead and love are mostly home-bound, heavy on the work hours and lacking proper exercise and activity. While it may seem like a fail-proof choice for maintaining your health and safety, not many of us are aware the extent to which our comfort-addicted lives can often endanger our health.

A fact I’m quite sure you are all aware of is that our bodies are comprised of a large number of muscles. Those groups of soft tissue are what’s responsible for every movement, as well as for keeping your body upright. By keeping muscles active you promote their strength and flexibility, which in return keep you healthy and looking good. However, not all muscles are equally easy to locate and contract. This is especially true for the psoas major muscle, the one I’m sure most of you haven’t heard of.

unlock your hip flexors review

The psoas major muscles are long, fusiform muscles that stretch from your lumbar area all the way to your pelvis on each side of your body, and are commonly referred to as hip flexors. Hip flexors keep your body connected – they join your upper to your lower body, your insides to your outside and your back to your front. Sounds like one of the more important stuff in your body, right? Well, that’s because it is. However, until recently, the effect hip flexors have on your body has largely remained unknown. There’s been some research done in the past, but most of it turned out to be inconclusive.

In the past couple of years, seeing how many health problems related to sluggishness and decreased mobility remained undiagnosed, there’s been major research done. Although it’s been speculated for years, research just recently confirmed that hip flexors are indeed the core of activity of your body. They’re responsible for maintaining overall body strength and speed, regulating your body fat and sexual performance, as well providing your body with the energy necessary for it to function. When you take all of this into consideration, it becomes very clear how any kind of problem associated with hip flexors might prove to be the cause of other major health issues.

Seeing how difficult it was just to confirm it’s there, it’s no wonder hip flexors are so hard to train. Many people find that hip flexor tightness is what’s causing their problems, which although not life-threatening, are interfering with everyday life and making them hard to function properly. Desperate for a solution, many of those people turn to the internet for help. There’s a lot of content online on how to deal with tightness in hip flexors, but not all of them are very effective. You’ll find numerous videos explaining how very basic static stretches are the best remedy and even ones that instruct you on how to massage the area with various balls to reduce the tightness. Although not a completely wrong approach,  it won’t give you the relief you need, not will it help you in the long run. Treating hip flexors requires years of experience in both training and in physical therapy, along with a deep understanding of the human body.

This is where Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal come in. Rick Kaselj is a well-known kinesiologist, renowned for his revolutionary methods of treating sports injuries. Mike Westerdal is a best-selling author of many fitness programs, a nutrition expert and an experienced personal trainer. He’s also the founder of one of the oldest continually run websites about training, the

Mike Westerdal unlock your hip flexors

They’ve partnered with a mission to create a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to treat your hip flexors and maintain their proper function. Together they’ve developed ‘The Sequential Flow’ method, a method they believe to be crucial for enabling the full functionality of the flexors.

They didn’t bother with inventing new ways of stretching, but instead focused solely on developing sequences in which already known and familiar exercises are performed. Although far from miraculous, their method is quite ingenious. By developing a specific flow of movement, they’ve managed to treat the tightness in the hip flexors and relieve people of the tension and pain it was causing them.

When you purchase the program, you receive a set of video and textual instructions on how to perform certain exercises. The videos are very informational, the language is clear and pleasant, and the instructors do a great job of explaining basically every detail of every movement to you. You perform all of the stretches and exercises in an order that’s predetermined so as to provide a progress that’s consistent and sustainable. It might seem like a breeze, but don’t be fooled. It is quite the exercise and requires your complete devotion and a lot of patience in order to succeed. Don’t expect the tightness to miraculously disappear overnight, as this is a process, and as it is with every process, it requires time.

When you do the exercises, you switch from static to active while performing a series of movements. These movements have a certain flow you need to follow, and by doing that you gradually start increasing the blood flow to the troubled area. In time, the metabolites and lactic acid trapped in the muscles will clear out, consequently reducing the inflammation that’s causing all the trouble.

This is a program that will surely benefit people of any shape, size or gender. Although originally developed for athletes, people with chronic psoas tightness are the ones who’ll benefit the most from this guide.

Seeing how its authors did their best to ensure you stay safe while doing the exercises, it’s suitable  for people of all ages and physical fitness. It’s also completely safe to use during and after pregnancy, as it’s been proved to help with all kinds of post-partum complications with the pelvis.

When you treat your hip flexors, all of the nagging problems they’ve been causing will completely disappear. Say goodbye to sluggishness, digestive problems, bad posture, lower back and hip pain, lack of energy and explosiveness. Experience life without the debilitating discomfort caused by inflamed and tight hip flexors.

And, if all of this wasn’t enough to convince you, the people behind the ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ guide are offering a money back guarantee. If it fails to help you with your issues, just email them and you’ll get reimbursed no questions asked. There’s also a lot of bonus content available upon purchasing, and can also find a few limited time offers and discount codes online. Now that’s what you call a deal!