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Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines was once a student at the Australian Institue of Fitness. She went on to become a personal trainer at a woman’s only gym. What she saw there only frustrated her. It seemed like women workout continuously and never really get the results that they are looking for. What she did next is what makes her stand out from among all the other health and fitness leaders that you see online.

She Experimented

She didn’t just decide that any woman could change the future. She researched and took what she learned to create a plan that is designed for women. She experimented with her own body. She took things that she hated when she looked in the mirror and began to focus her training to see what worked. The results are evident. She sculpted her body until she was happy with what she saw when she looked into the mirror. Then she continued to maintain that look.

It was after she figured out what worked that she begin to build an online presence for herself. She took the time to reach out to the people that she knew were looking for the same answers that she looked for. She knew that once results began to show, people would be talking. She was right!

Her Program

Her program is more than just your run of the mill workout. It is a guide to changing your lifestyle so that you see results. The workouts start off so that beginners can get a good workout without being discouraged or overwhelmed. The nutrition guides, recipes, and supplement guides are designed so that you are replacing the nutrients that are lost. You get a better looking body without having to compromise your health.

kayla itsines fitness tips

The biggest complaint that anyone has about her guide is that is pricey. While it is true that you are going to have to reach into your life to carve out room for the budget, it is well worth the expense. You have to look at it as making an investment in who you are. People who have to pay top premiums for a program are more likely to make it as part of their daily routine. The expense is justified when you see the total body results. Your confidence is boosted because you look great. Your attitude is boosted because you feel great.

The big picture

Joining Kayla’s Bikini Body followers is more than jumping on the newest crash diet. It is joining a support group of global proportions. You learn how to eat right. You learn how to exercise so that you get results. You also have the benefit of a system of online chat rooms so that you have the support of those who are going through the same path as you are. There really is nothing more that you could ask for in a fitness program. That is what made Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide so popular. It is also what keeps everyone talking about it all over the world.

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